Bound for the Future is now available


Bound has won its third national book award. It was selected as a 2013 Indie Book Awards Finalist in both the Historical Non-Fiction and the African-American categories. Click the medallion to read more.

ForeWord Book of The Year AwardBound has been selected as a 2012 Book of the Year Award FINALIST in the History category. Award winners were announced at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, May, 2013. Click the award above to read more.

Bound has been selected as a 2012 USA Best Book Awards FINALIST. Click the medallion to read more.

Bound for the Future exudes the kind of energy and compassion that characterizes the best historical writing. Jonathan Shectman has written a beautiful book—one that is at once a pleasure to read and an unsettling call to action. Read this book for the vigor of its prose, the depth of its story, and the richness of its insights.” – Benjamin E. Wise, Author of William Alexander Percy: The Curious Life of a Mississippi Planter and Sexual Freethinker

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Shectman’s previous history work is also available from Greenwood Press:

“[t]his well-organized work offers sixty-two essays on an impressively detailed range of significant practical applications of science, new discoveries, and investigations carried out between 1687and 1799. Readers will find the introduction very valuable for its thoughtful consideration of the place of science in the eighteenth century and that century’s role as the bridge between the mindsets of figures as disparate as Isaac Newton and James Watt.” – E-Streams

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2 thoughts on “Bound for the Future is now available

  1. Jonathan—thanks so much for your book, Bound for the Future. I have one correction for future additions. Page 37, 2nd paragraph tells the story of my great-great grandfather, John Green (Elisha Young) escaping in 1857. The correct year is 1837. By 1851, John and his new family are on the Canadian Census. He has remarried to Melinda, has four children at this time, including my great grandfather, Gilbert, born about 1846. The Ohio History Bulletin and George Knepper’s book, Ohio and Its People, cites this date also. Thanks!

    • Hi Carol, thanks much for your comment. I’d like to talk in greater detail, since there is a lot of confusion in the historical record here. One of my sources, Wilbur Siebert, cited both 1837 and 1857. Since Green went hunting with Mordecai Benedict at the start of this incident I went with 1857 when MG would have been 12. He wasn’t born in 1837 and recounted this story before his death in 1927. Could we discuss at some point as you have spurred my curiosity?


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